Activity Agent Software

What is Activity Agent?
Activity Agent was conceived with one main goal, to design a full featured solution exclusively for activity and service related companies. It is an ASP.NET, SQL ServerĀ® driven shopping cart which is easily manageable and powerful to meet the every day requirements of an activity or service related company.

Why did you create Activity Agent?
Over the past several years, we have worked with many activity and service companies, in most cases they had purchased off the shelf shopping carts to meet their needs. In every case we had to extensively modify the shopping cart to meet their needs, but even the best shopping carts did not meet the exact needs of the companies we were working with.

What if I have products I want to sell?
Our new version of Activity Agent now offers full product support and several shipping options including real-time shipping rates

Can I manage my own activities with Activity Agent?
Absolutely, in fact Activity Agent's most impressive feature is the Activity Manager. This area is your administrative section which allows you to easily manage all of your activities, services or products.

How do I install Activity Agent?
No installation is required in our new version, we provide all of the hosting, security, support and updates. Once your store is setup you can immediately start adding activities, services or retail products.

Can you install Activity Agent on my web hosting company?
Yes, for companies that wish to purchase Activity Agent we can install it on a supported server.

How easy is Activity Manager to work with?
We have gone to great lengths in both the development and beta testing of Activity Agent to create a user-friendly, yet powerful shopping cart that can be managed by most all employees of an activity company. Activity Manager is intuitive and easy to learn, in fact most all customers working with Activity Agent have been up and running quite quickly after installation.

If I sign up for your cloud (hosted) version, will I need to sign a contract ?
No, all terms are month to month and you can cancel your account at anytime.

I am very Interested in Activity Agent do you have a demo?
We have provided a demo to the front-end of Activity Manager. This is a mock activity store which will allow you to see how you can manage a wide variety of activities. If after viewing the mock store and you would like further details, we can arrange a demo of the back-end portion, Activity Manager.